College Certficiations

“Purna” means whole and complete in Sanskrit. "Yoga" itself means union in Sanskrit, union of mind (knowledge), body (physical), and soul (wisdom). Purna Yoga is the complete Yoga, integrating asana (postures), meditation, philosophy, pranayama, nutrition and lifestyle. Alive & Shine Center owners Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri founded Purna Yoga® College with one initial purpose: to create the best-trained yoga teachers in the world. They spent a lifetime putting together a complete system that lets you truly live yoga, so you can bring out your inner intuition and wisdom. With a lineage of yogic integrity, Purna Yoga® College aims to create teachers who truly know all the aspects of what yoga truly is, keeping their students and themselves, safe, knowledgable and connected.

200hr Certiciation

The 200-Hour course in Purna Yoga College helps you elevate your yoga practice to the next level – whether you want to teach yoga or not. No other training brings together all the aspects of yoga.

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500hr Certification

The Purna Yoga® 500-Hour Level offers aspiring yoga professionals a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of teaching asana, meditation and abundant living

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2,000hr Certification

The 2,000-Hour Level is designed to support teachers to become holders of the flame of Purna Yoga. It is truly unique.

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