Purna Yoga College®  is a Yoga Alliance approved, Washington State licensed vocational school.

We offer three levels of training:

200-Hour        learn
500-Hour        live
2,000-Hour    embody

Purna Yoga College is an elite yoga school with 200, 500, 2,000, and 5,000+ Hour trainings. It is known as the foundation of yoga. Uniquely, we bring together all the aspects of yoga. In Sanskrit, “purna” means complete and “yoga” means unity. Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri founded Purna Yoga College with the purpose to develop complete unity in all the aspects of yoga and to create the best-trained yoga teachers.

Our holistic curriculum contains:

1. The technical knowledge on how to teach yoga (asana) that is safe, alignment-based,  effective, transformational, and accessible to all body types through advanced anatomy education. The foundational curriculum of teaching Purna Yoga® , the whole of yoga, includes:

  • Asana (with a focus on alignment for safety and precision)
  • Heartfull® Meditation
  • Breath work
  • The application of yogic philosophy to daily life
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle

2.  The lifestyle that supports your purpose.  Purna Yoga  shares that our purpose is to be truly alive and to shine. Therefore, we don’t just teach you how to teach yoga, you learn to live it. We teach Heartfull® Lifestyle techniques with ways to build the lifestyle that helps you open your heart and live your purpose.  The practice and teaching of yoga can grow your ego; however, these programs will teach you how to  welcome more of your Soul into your body. It is through your connection to your Soul that you connect with Light, an unlimited source of energy, wisdom and love – and a powerful upgrade from prana or chi.

Purna Yoga College provides in-depth and highly detailed instruction, from a dedicated lineage, with proven results: our graduates are known for their expertise, professionalism, and caring.  We offer three levels of training so you can progress at a pace that respects your lifestyle, goals, and resources. Our immersion formats ensure deep learning and transformation.

Learn more about our:

200-Hour Level
500-Hour Level
2,000-Hour Level